NU’EST releases MV teaser for 2nd Japanese single “NA.NA.NA”

NU’EST is returning to the Japanese music scene as they release the mysterious teaser for their 2nd Japanese single “NA.NA.NA” on March 2nd. 

As the mysterious black and white teaser reveals a short preview of the track, an unknown person with an umbrella is seen walking on a bridge. While the teaser continues, the unknown person suddenly disappears, leaving fans a close-up of the umbrella.

Meanwhile, on behalf of NU’EST’s 3rd Korean debut anniversary, they released the music video for “I’m Bad” on February 26th. “I’m Bad” is a smooth and soothing single which beautifully reveals the member’s vocals.

The five-member group recently appeared on 1theK‘s #hashtag interview where they engaged in a fan service segment where they sang, danced, and participated in silly fan requested activities. NU’EST later shared how they felt about their accomplishment and growth since their debut.

The music video for “NA.NA.NA” is scheduled to be released on May 20th.