NU’EST reveals short version of “NA.NA.NA.” MV

After releasing a series of teasers, NU’EST finally reveals their short version of their Japanese music video “NA.NA.NA.”

The music video beings with a dark rainy scene, where the simulated electronic “rain drop” sound plays. Then, the scene shifts to the members, who are all dressed in black outfits, and hold up like-colored umbrellas in the rain.

Throughout the song NU’EST is seen artfully utilizing these umbrellas as they integrate it within their dance; the umbrella choreography is especially notable because at some dance points the members worked together to move in time with each other’s props. The song itself has a soft, soothing tune, holding a combination of an underlying violin tune and the simulated “rain drop” beat.

Their 2nd Japanese single, NA.NA.NA., will be released on May 20th.