NU’EST visits France’s iconic monuments prior to concert performance

Male group NU’EST has embarked on their first European tour, 2014 NU’EST Re:SPONSE Europe Tour, the tour beginning with its first stop in Paris,France.Arriving early in the City of Love, the members of NU’EST take in the sights as they tour throughout the country and visited some of France’s iconic monuments and museums, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc of Triomph. Photos of their visit were shared with fans via their SNS accounts, revealing the member’s individual style as well.

Meanwhile, NU’EST will be completing their European tour without member Baekho, who is currently resting at the doctor’s advice after concerns over his vocal cords were raised and is scheduled to go through surgery to remove his vocal nodes.

NU’EST performed their Paris concert on November 22nd, and will follow up with a stop in Helsinki, Finland on November 23rd, Warsaw, Poland on November 27th, Bucharest, Romania on November 29th, and Milan, Italy on November 30th. For information regarding ticketing, visit MyMusicTaste!