NU’EST’s Aron caught insulting label mate SEVENTEEN

With rookie group SEVENTEEN gaining much popularity, netizens recently rediscovered an old video of the group and their seniors NU’EST

However, the original post containing the video has gained popularity not because of SEVENTEEN, but because of the remarks made by a NU’EST member.

As part of the same label Pledis Entertainment, the two groups filmed a special together for SEVENTEEN’s SEVENTEEN TV, where they played games with each other. As NU’EST waited for SEVENTEEN, however, NU’EST member Aron made some remarks that have caught a lot of viewers’ attention. A translation of the controversial clip can be found below:

Aron: “What are they all doing wearing white clothes?”
Baekho: “I know right?”
Aron: “They’re a group of retards…”
<looks at the camera>
Aron: Why are you lowering your voice?”
Baekho: “This is all being filmed, your voice is too loud.”
Aron: “They didn’t hear anything, I’m sure. I swear they didn’t. Should I apologize or not?”
Someone in the back: “Haha he’s apologizing.”
<NU’EST is greeted by SEVENTEEN>

Check out the video below:

The one who swore at thme is Aron and this is back when Seventeen was at the average age of 15 and Aron was 21. Seventeen has always cherished Nu’est as their seniors and even helped them promote…




Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

  • Did that really air….why would they swear knowing that there is a camera…
  • They should know to be careful of what they say and none of their members are even telling him he was wrong to swear even though they are on camera
  • This isn’t the only time they did this on several occasions on 17 TV
  • It breaks my heart that Soonyoung is smiling at them looking so happy when he opens the door for them…

Source: Instiz