NU’EST’s Minhyun and JR join Instagram

NU’EST‘s Minhyun and JR are the next idols to take an interest in Instagram as they both create personal accounts on January 5th.

Although they both created an Instagram account on the same day, JR was the first to update his fans with a photo. The photo showcases the leader and rapper in a black and white stripped shirt while his eyes hid behind yellow sunglasses.

As for Minhyun, he started his Instagram account by posting a photo with the caption “start,” whereas the photo shows him sleeping in an bathtub while clothed in a black and grey sweater.

The two NU’EST member have been gaining attention from their fans as Minhyun received over 11,000 followers and JR has over 18,000 followers since announcing their public profile.

Meanwhile, NU’EST finished their first European tour, 2014 NU’EST Re:SPONE European Tour in November of 2014 where they performed in places such as Finland, Poland, Italy and much more.



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