Official fan cafe numbers for girl groups as of November 2015

Popularity for artists can be measured by chart numbers, music show wins, or concert sales, but fan cafe numbers can also show how popular an artist truly is. 

Fan cafes are where fans can find out all of their favorite artists’ activities and events, and some idols even reply back to their fans through their fan cafe. Therefore, membership in an artists’ fan cafe is known as one of the essential things a fan needs to do.

Group trends and falls can also be seen through fan cafes, as users constantly sign up for and opt out of fan cafes, which are free to use. With the new month just starting, official numbers for fan cafes have been released showing the trending artists and popularity among girl groups.

Although Girls’ Generation still stands a lone at the top, solo singer IU is slowly narrowing the gap, gaining over 1,000 new fans in the short period of time. Rookie group TWICE also impressed with almost 1,400 new fans, making the JYP Entertainment group the most trendy group during the time period. Fellow rookie groups Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, and April are also showing a steady increase in fans. Make sure to check out the full list below:


Top 40

  1. SNSD
  2. IU
  3. APINK
  4. Girl’s Day
  5. Wonder Girls
  6. 2NE1
  7. f(x)
  9. KARA
  10. AOA
  12. Brown Eyed Girls
  13. 4MINUTE
  14. Miss A
  15. EXID
  16. SECRET
  17. SISTAR
  18. T-ARA
  20. Nine Muses
  21. After School
  22. G-Friend
  23. Hello Venus
  24. Red Velvet
  25. Crayon Pop
  26. Oh My Girl
  27. April
  28. Ladies Code
  29. Juniel
  30. Gavy N Jay
  31. Bestie
  32. Dalshabet
  33. Rainbow
  34. CLC
  35. Sunny Hill
  37. Fiestar
  38. Spica
  39. Stellar
  40. NC.A

Source: Bada TV

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