Oh My Girl shows anticipation for meeting their fans during debut showcase

Oh My Girl announces that they are excited to meet their fans during their debut showcase.

Under WM Entertainment, Oh My Girl was introduced as B1A4’s sister group. Dropping their album on April 20th, Oh My Girl recently released a teaser for their upcoming music video, “Cupid.”

After making their official debut, Oh My Girl has plans to hold their debut showcase shortly afterwards. The girls shared their anticipation with a video of themselves cutting a plain birthday cake. After slicing the cake into eight pieces, the members placed one letter on each slice to spell out “Oh My Girl.”

Excited to meet their fans for the first time, Oh My Girl sends a message out to those who have awaited for their debut. During their debut showcase on April 20th, the members hope to greet their fans and wish that they will show lots of support in the future.

“HELLO WORLD ~!!” #OHMYGIRL #BIRTHDAY오늘은 #오마이걸 이 데뷔 쇼케이스를 통해 여러분께 처음으로 인사드리는 역사적인 날입니다.팬 여러분과 첫 만남을 갖는 설레는 날꼭 참석해주셔서 오마이걸에게 힘찬 응원보내주세요!

Posted by 오마이걸 OH MY GIRL on Sunday, April 19, 2015