Oh My Girl’s Binnie catches attention for resemblance to actress Go Jun Hee

The rookie girl group member has recently caught attention for her resemblance to actress Go Jun Hee.

Oh My Girl‘s Binnie recently shared an update onto the girl group’s official Twitter account that has gotten netizens buzzing about a visual similarity to the actress Go Jun Hee.

The girl group has recently made a comeback with “Closer” despite their young age in the music industry. Meanwhile, actress and model Go Jun Hee is focused on her current drama She Was Pretty starring Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, and Siwon.

Some have noted that their facial structures and five features are very similar as are they way they smile. Despite the difference in concept they take with Binnie sharing a younger and more refreshing look and Go Jun Hee going for a more mature and sexy style, fans and media sites alike have reported a resemblance between the two.

Check out some photos below and decide for yourself:


Go Jun Hee:

go jun hee2

go jun hee3

go jun hee5

og jn hee4

Marie Claire May 2015 issue
Marie Claire May 2015 issue

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