Oh My Girl releases new concept image following confirmation of debut date

With exactly one week left before Oh My Girl (OMG)’s release of their first album, WM Entertainment has started unveiling concept images for the highly anticipated debut into the music industry.

As B1A4’s sister group, Oh My Girl has been receiving much attention with their high volume of teaser releases through the group’s Instagram account ahead of their debut. With their debut date confirmed, the eight members of the new girl group will be finally revealing their fresh faces on the television screens.

The first concept image for members Mimi, Binnie, YooA, and SeungHee was unveiled in the wee hours of April 13th through the official Facebook and Instagram accounts. The four girls were styled in a common theme of blue-and-white themed outfits and their denim dresses enhanced their innocent looks as they gave direct eye contact into the camera.

The remaining four members, Jiho, ARin, JinE, and Hyojung, are expected to be included in the next concept photo.

The members are all relatively young, with the oldest born in 1994 and the youngest in 1999, bringing the average age to 20 years old.

Oh My Girl’s first mini-album is scheduled for a release on April 20th.

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Posted by 오마이걸 OH MY GIRL on Sunday, April 12, 2015