[★TRENDING] Oh My Girl’s Seunghee surprises Taeyeon with flowers on KBS Music Bank

Fans have captured an adorable gesture between Oh My Girl’s Seunghee and Taeyeon during final act of KBS Music Bank

As Taeyeon grabbed her third win for “I” at Music Bank on October 16th, fans cannot help but notice Seunghee’s sudden reappearance on stage as she handed the singer a bouquet of flowers following the announcement.

The adorable gesture which was caught on camera, along with a number of fan taken photos, immediately circulated online as Seunghee, who is said to be a fan of Taeyeon, was praised for her kind gesture. Taeyeon, on the other hand, looked genuinely surprised for the gesture and was praised for handling the sudden move professionally.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon is currently promoting her solo title track “I,” while Oh My Girl is gaining a lot of attention for their latest track, “Closer.”


Source: Always Eunjiya