Old photos of Beenzino on a date with German girlfriend resurfaces online

Old photos displaying Beenzino’s relationship with his girlfriend Stefanie Michova has resurfaced in various online portals in South Korea. 

On May 4th, TVReport published photos shared through Beenzino and Stefanie Michova’s respective Instagram accounts. They were seen revealing their public dates and wearing couple items further sharing it openly to their respective followers.

One particular photo further showed their affection towards each other as it displayed them enjoying a date in the streets, along with recent photos taken in front Gyeongbyukgong Palace and in a mall in Gangnam.

Meanwhile, Beenzino’s relationship has been common knowledge amongst his fans and Korean Americans in Los Angeles. Stefanie Mischova is a model and actress that participates in project in South Korea and internationally. She was recently spotted participating in the music video for GDYB’s “Good Boy.”

Netizens have also commended Beenzino for not trying to hide his relationship leaving comments such as:

[+ 1778, – 53] His girlfriend is pretty!!!

[+ 1331, – 157] Beenzino..he’s such a free spirit. Beenzino has crazy visual..skills..and he lives life to the fullest. His girlfriend is super sexy too..ㅋ

[+ 1059, – 83] I’m jealous..

Check out the rest of their updates through their Instagram accounts: @realisshoman and @stefaniemichova.

Beenzino and girlfriend



Source: TV Report