[★TRENDING] Olivia Hussey praises Block B + follows them on Twitter

After showing her support for Minah’s Romeo & Juliet transformation for “Ring My Bell,” fans also noticed Olivia Hussey’s mention of another idol group, Block B

On June 27th, Olivia Hussey, the actress famous for her role in Romeo & Juliet, reposted the music video for Block B’s “HER” on her official Twitter account. The post originally came from a follower who mentioned Block B’s short tribute on the said track. Having listened to the track, the actress further expressed her thoughts, posting comments, “I loved their song,” and “they are really good.” 

Since hearing about the group, it was soon discovered that Olivia Hussey also followed Block B on their official SNS account.

In related news, the actress previously praised Minah for her homage concept photos for “Ring My Bell.”

Source: Newsen