[★TRENDING] Olivia Hussey regrams Girl’s Day Minah’s concept jacket homage for comeback

Girl’s Day has certainly been impressing fans with their homage concept jacket photos for their upcoming studio album release with Minah‘s, in particular, gaining the attention of the original actress.

On June 26th, Olivia Hussey regrammed Minah’s concept photo, which tributes Olivia Hussey’s version of Juliet from Romeo & Juliet. She writes, “Just saw this what a nice compliment!????#music #compliment #instagood!”

Fans who noticed the repost thanked the actress for supporting their idol bias. On the 28th, Minah herself also posted on the Instagram post, writing and expressing her gratitude, “Are you really Olivia Hussey? You are soooooo beautiful!! :)”.

On July 6th, Girl’s Day will be dropping their comeback studio album, unveiling “Ring My Bell” online on music sites on the same day as well as holding their comeback showcase.

Img src: Dispatch
Img src: Dispatch

Source: Dispatch