As One will return to the stage with new digital single, “A Day Like Today”

The skilled vocal duo group As One will be releasing their new single “A Day Like Today” in just a few days! Along with the announcement of their new single, still cuts have been released for their upcoming music video, which features Troy’s Jae Woong

On October 29th, As One revealed that they are returning to the stage with a new single, and along with the news, As One also posted still cuts of the music video shoot featuring Jae Woong of Troy.

Showing his chic style with a seductive woman at his side, the singer-actor reveals his manly style, flattering the fans with his fit body.

The song, “A Day Like Today”, is a distinct song than any of As One’s past songs, signaling a new approach of the group. Brand New Music has stated that “this new single by As One features a style previously unseen from the group, and the teaser image sets the mood of what the song will be like.”

Source: Osen