Oppressive government action or required action against violent protesters?

During recent protests in South Korea, the government’s violent actions towards protesters has caused heated discussion among netizens online. 

Protesters took to the streets on November 14th to show their disapproval regarding the government’s editing and standardizing of textbooks, actions that are seen as oppressive censorship and propaganda. However, reports claimed that some of the protesters became violent, causing the government to send out police forces armed with strong water cannons mixed with pepperspray to end protests.

Tensions between police and protesters then eventually broke into chaos, as police reportedly shot the highly pressurized water cannons at protesters, with over six protesters sustaining injuries.  In one case, police shot a water cannon at a protester (69 year old male) and continued to shoot at him despite already incapacitating him. The protester is still in critical condition.

쓰러진 농민에게 계속 물대포를 쏜 경찰.69살 백모 씨는 현재 생명이 위독한 상태라고 합니다.

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Facebook Comments:
[+ 7970] I know the police are simply following orders, but I was very disappointed at the scene of them aiming their water cannon at the unconscious farmer….It’s like blood thirst set in and I can imagine their berserk faces…

[+ 4203] I saw their press coverage since the beginning. The police weren’t attacking they just had barricades up in the beginning. The protesters brought cars into the middle of the police and began attacking the cops with iron pipes breaking police bus windows and such. Still they did nothing. Only when the demonstrators were trying to drag a bus away did they begin shooting water cannons..

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[+ 847, – 279] I feel sorry for the protesters…

[+ 903, – 375] These violent protesters will not get any pity from the people

[+ 727, – 290] If that isn’t illegal why are they all wearing masks. Don’t criticize the police for using violence when the protesters became extremely violent. Stop this media play people.

[+ 636, – 282] The reports make it look like the people are innocent. If they’re wielding iron pipes and shattering police cars is it wrong to use violence?

Source: Money Today

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