Outsider hints at comeback with mysterious teaser clip

Rapper Outsider reveals that he will have a comeback in 2015 with a captivating and mysterious video teaser.

Having released his most recent single “Hand” back in May, Outsider is currently preparing for his comeback in early 2015. With the title “Outsider is coming,” the video hints that the long awaited comeback fans have been waiting for is coming soon.

In the video teaser, Outsider is seen sitting in a dark room at a desk with his back facing the camera. He appears to be writing or drawing something as he moves his hands hurriedly in large motions. A variety of objects can be seen on the desk, although the rapper’s dark hooded coat and ash-brown hair take up most of the screen.

However, the video is shot in complete silence and Outsider does no more than continue writing. Through the short 11-second teaser, Outsider uses this opportunity to make fans look forward and want to know more about his comeback.