Outsider shows gratitude for reaching #1 on Billboard with “STAR WARZ”

Outsider left a short song and message to his fans for supporting his latest song, “STAR WARZ,” which reached #1 on Billboard.

Rapper Outsider released his latest song, “STAR WARZ,” on January 8th in collaboration with American rapper TwistaBoth known for their fast rapping skills, Outsider and Twista battle it out with speed.

Outsider and Twista’s collaboration was said to become one of the biggest rap battles of the century as the two switch back and forth and rap their individual parts. This song featured vocalist Kuan, who interrupts in the middle of the battle to display his clear voice.

“STAR WARZ” reached #1 on Billboard by the day after its release. Outsider took the opportunity to thank his fans for their support for his latest song while opening his video with a small rap. Standing in front of a room of figurines, Outsider shows his gratitude for his song reaching #1.

So far only releasing a new song, Outsider is also preparing to release his following album soon.