Papaver releases charming MV for “All Day Long”

The sweet and charming trio Papaver released the music video for “All Day Long” off of their first album demonstrating their musical talents with a cute story line to match.

Papaver is an up and coming trio who has a melodic sound and soft vocals that embrace a light summery concept as illustrated in their music video for “All Day Long”.

Younglim‘s soft voice is full of personality that complements Senna‘s acoustic guitar and Eunji‘s light percussion. Their first track “All Day Long” talks about spending time with a loved one all day long and how sweet it is to be together, comparing the feeling to the sweet flavors of ice cream and cappuccinos. Younglim even shows off a little bit of aegyo in the music video!

They hope to bring a smile to your face with their light, upbeat track that is too sweet for words!