[★VIDEO] Park Bom suffers wardrobe malfunction on stage at Beijing concert

During the “YG FAMILY 2014 GALAXY TOUR:POWER IN BEIJING” concert on October 19th,  2NE1’s Park Bom displayed her undergarments accidentally onstage, while doing a handstand. During a break from their performances on stage, Park Bom was asked to do some tumbling. Unfortunately, while doing a handstand, Bom’s dress rode up and revealed all her undergarments. Fellow 2NE1 member Dara was quick to run to her rescue by going in front of Bom and covering her. She then got up embarrassed and walked to Taeyang from Big Bang who started speaking about something else and moving on.

Meanwhile the “YG FAMILY 2014 GALAXY TOUR” is scheduled to continue, with their next stop being Taoyuan, Taiwan on October 25th at the Taoyuan County Stadium.

You can check out the video below, of Bom’s wardrobe malfunction: