Park Gyuri and From the Airport release making of video for “The Little Prince”

Shortly after the release of their collaboration track “The Little Prince,” KARA‘s Park Gyuri and From the Airport released the making film for the music video. 

The video, which runs for a little under six minutes, features comments from Gyuri, as well as From the Airport members Milo and Zee.

When asked about how the collaboration came to happen, Gyuri revealed that she and Milo came up with the idea, uniting the KARA member with the electric rock genre. The singer also added that Milo is her guitar teacher.

In describing the feeling during the filming and recording, both Gyuri and the members of From the Airport expressed that they had a good experience with the collaboration, with Zee adding that it was the first time they featured another artist in their music.

The making film showed the artists’ good chemistry, as well as the intricate filming and directing efforts that went into the music video. Make sure to check out the making film for Park Gyuri and From the Airport’s collaboration track “The Little Prince” below!