Park Hyo Shin gets up close and personal with fans at his concert

Singer Park Hyo Shin recently spent time getting up close and personal with a few lucky fans at his recent I AM A DREAMER concerts.

At a recent performance, the popular singer spent time adorably getting to know fans, leaving the stage to get up close and personal with a few lucky fans. He turns the tables on fans as he instead interviews them.

The video show just how close the singer is to his fans with Park Hyo Shin asking a fan what her age is. He adorably calls her his “noona” after finding out she is older than him. After finding out that she is not married nor has children, he jokingly replies he is in the same situations and fears he may be alone until he dies before asking if his fan if they will help him get married.

Finally, he asks about her dreams to which she replies she want everyone to be happy. The singer explains that he has a similar dream, and he made his latest album with this in mind.

In another video, Park Hyo Shin interviews a foreign fan.

Similar to the fan above, he inquires the fan about her age before she reveals today is her birthday, further shocking him after revealing she is not a native Korean. He shows his shock at her impressive pronunciation, complimenting her.

As the fan continues, she wishes for the singer not to be sick so he can sing for a long time leaving the singer to become adorably shy before hugging the fan. He then thanks her for her well wishes, and returns the favor by wishing his fan a happy birthday before heading back on stage.