Park Hyo Shin to hold 15th anniversary encore concert, “So Happy Together”

Celebrating his 15th year anniversary as a sing, Park Hyo Shin will hold an encore concert titled, “So Happy Together,” for his fans.

Debuting in November of 1999, Park Hyo Shin reached his 15th anniversary as of November of 2014. In celebration of his 15 year anniversary, Park Hyo Shin held his first concert “Happy Together” which sold out within the first ten minutes.

The concert became a huge sensation that many fans demanded an encore for those who were unable to attend the concert. Two months later, Jellyfish Entertainment fulfilled this wish by announcing that an encore concert will be held for Park Hyo Shin’s 15th anniversary.

Park Hyo Shin’s “So Happy Together” encore concert will be held on February 14th and 15th at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium. Tickets will be available for purchase on January 23rd at Interpark.

Park Hyo Shin released his song “Happy Together” on November 25th which influenced the title of his 15th anniversary concert.

Source: My Daily and Jellyfish Entertainment

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