Park Myung Soo releases “Myung Soo Wind” MV featuring TEEN TOP

Collaborating for an EDM-inspired track, Park Myung Soo and TEEN TOP release the music video for “Myung Soo Wind”! 

On July 23rd, Park Myung Soo released the collaboration track “Myung Soo Wind” in the latest episode of Mnet’s Myungsoo DJing, where he showcased his DJ and producing skills. The track and its music video was also simultaneously released on Naver TVCast, KakaoTV and PlayMnet. 

Aside from TEEN TOP’s participation, L.Joe was also revealed to have written the lyrics with Park Myung Soo in charge of production.

“Myung Soo Wind” is detailed for its upbeat vibe and interesting lyrics, which was accompanied by a comical music video.