Park Shin Hye criticized for her “sarcastic” Instagram apology after nail art controversy

Despite apologising for the speculation received from her role on Doctors, Park Shin Hye is still getting criticised for her public post. 

On August 10th, Park Shin Hye responded to her use of nail art in the drama and posted an apology through her personal Instagram account. Although the actress initially explained to her use of nail art and apologised for misrepresenting her role, netizens found the original and unedited caption of her post.

Netizens were somewhat irked with her attitude from her initial post having apologised with the lines, “I’ll remove it if I made the viewers uncomfortable,” before changing the topic tot he recent weather and plugged the drama once more. The initial apology received negative comments as netizens cited her for her sarcastic attitude in light of the controversy.

Park Shin Hye plays the role of a hardworking doctor in the SBS drama. It started airing last June 20th and is set to end by August 23rd.
Image: DongA

Source: DongA Ilbo