Park Shin Hye joins Instagram with a bright selca

Actress Park Shin Hye hypes up her fans as she is now on Instagram!

Park Shin Hye made her very first post on November 14th with a solo selca, captioning it “#SelcaInstagram #StartingInstagram #Thisisinteresting Nice to meet youu~~“.

The photo was taken in the dressing room, where the star shows her confidence by taking a selca after she had her makeup done and readies herself in a beautiful floral outfit.

With her joining Instagram, fans have expressed their excitement through the comment section, mostly praising her beauty, giving her a warm welcome and showing anticipation for her future updates.

The actress is currently busy with her ongoing SBS drama Pinocchio, where she is paired up with Lee Jong Suk, which has just aired its first broadcast on November 12th. The drama had informed viewers with a story background and released still cuts showing the sweet interactions between the two main leads.

Park Shin Hye herself also had the honor to be the first Korean model for international brand Visa.

More than 34,000 people have followed Park Shin Hye (@ssinz7) already!