Park Shin Hye is glowing like an angel for “Cine21” magazine

In the recent issue of Cine21 Magazine, actress Park Shin Hye gracefully poses over a glowing backdrop in her pictorial.

With the theme set on purity, Cine21 magazine focuses on the innocent and beautiful aspects of Park Shin Hye. Wearing plain and bright colors, with the addition of lace, Park Shin Hye shows her graceful presence as the white light glows from behind her.

The pictorial gears towards Park Shin Hye’s natural beauty by coloring out her outfits and focusing the photo shoot on her face. With bright lipstick and makeup, Park Shin Hye’s face glows just like the backdrop.

Park Shin Hye is currently filming for the SBS drama Pinocchio which also stars Lee Jong Suk. The drama premiered on November 12th, and is still currently on air.

Park Shin Hye for Cine21

Park Shin Hye for Cine21

Source: Sports Kahn and KMagazineLovers