Park Shin Hye responds to rumors of plastic surgery

On August 21st, actress Park Shin Hye responded to negative comments and rumors claiming she underwent extensive plastic surgery.

On August 21st, Park Shin Hye uploaded a picture with captions “I’m working hard with only what my mother gave me…I don’t know why with such beautiful lips and precious hands you would say and write such things…I feel sad..”

Netizens who came across this news defended the actress with vigor

[+ 1410, – 51] There are actually people who criticize Park Shin Hye’s appearance saying she had plastic surgery?? Isn’t it obvious she’s natural when you look at past pictures?

[+ 1128, – 63] Is there anything to criticize about this woman

[+ 1080, – 50] Park Shin Hye’s not only beautiful she talks with grace too ㅠ those who are criticizing her are going to get a taste of karma.

Source: MyDaily