Park Shin Hye reveals Jang Keun Suk and Lee Min Ho are her favorite actors to work with

During her photo shoot with star1 magazine, Park Shin Hye sat down for a brief interview, where she revealed her favorite co-stars that she has worked with throughout the duration of her acting career.

After her floral themed photo shoot with star1 magazine, Park Shin Hye participated in a short interview about how she felt about her co-stars becoming some of the most popular actors in Korea. Some of these actors include Jang Keun Suk, Lee Min Ho, Jung Yong Hwa, Yoon Shi Yoon, and Lee Wan.

Shin Hye revealed in the interview, “I am honored to hear that my co-stars have made it big. I feel like I did my part to help them shine. They all had enough charms to become a Hallyu star without my help. I feel glad that I was able to have a small impact on that. But if we looked at it closely, I seemed to have benefited the most. I am thankful for all of them.”

When asked who was the best to work with, Shin Hye picked Jang Keun Suk, whom she worked with on SBS’ hit drama You’re Beautiful.

“When we were filming You’re Beautiful, we worked together so well. No matter which scene we filmed, we were able to carry out the parts smoothly. Not only in the drama, but off set we also had good communication. If I were to choose another actor, it would be Lee Min Ho. In our most recent project, Min Ho had a very kind personality which allowed us to match very well. I will remember both of them.”

On the issues of body image and dieting, Park Shin Hye revealed that she doesn’t feel the pressure of having to maintain a narrow frame.

Shin Hye told star1 magazine“Yes, I’m chubbier than most actress but I don’t feel the pressure of needing to maintain my weight. I accidentally came across Jennifer Lawrence’s interview about this topic and I agreed with her 200%. She says that she doesn’t try to get the skinny body. I disagree with the fact that the media prefers stick-like skinny bodies. I think that a healthy body would fit an actress more.”

The full interview will be released in November’s issue of star1.