Park Shin Hye thanks Seo Taiji and his wife for sending food truck to her set

On December 9th Park Shin Hye uploaded a selca on her Instagram account thanking her “brother-in-law” Seo Taiji and his wife Lee Eun Sung for sending a food truck to her drama’s set.

Park Shin Hye is very close to Lee Eun Sung as they have known each other for 10 years. Lee Eun Sung also recently paid a visit to Park Shin Hye during her filming for the SBS drama Pinocchio.  On December 9th it seems Lee Eun Sung and her husband Seo Taiji surprised Park Shin Hye and her staff with food trucks delivered to her set.

Park Shin Hye then uploaded a picture of her grateful face with her food and wrote “Taijibrotherinlaw #foodtruckpresent #samgyetang everyone from drama A.B team filled their stomachs!! Thank you brother-in-law >_< It was really delicious and warm!!  Thank you for making a surprise visit to the set Damee mom. I love you heehee