Park Shin Hye’s secret to her S-line body transformation

Actress Park Shin Hye has revealed the secret behind her S-line transformation.

A recent ‘Diet God’ episode of tvN‘s The List 2015, ranked famous celebrities who have transformed into hot-body icons by using unique diet routines and work out methods.

Among many celebrities, Park Shin Hye, who has earned the title of envy-icon by many female fans, placed 3rd on the list. It is not secret that the actress had a thicker lower body since her debut, however, with consistent work out and diet plans, she has flawlessly transformed into an envious s-line figure.

According to the episode, the actress refrains from eating solid food after 6PM, eats two meals a day, and bicycles two to three times a week. However, the top secret to her transformation revealed to be modern dance, which is an efficient exercise as it aides both cardio and muscle work outs. In addition to her physical exercises, she frequently drinks red bean and pumpkin juice to lessen her swelling.

Meanwhile, Kang Ha Neul, Secret‘s Jeon Hyo Sung, Park Ji Yoon, and more celebrities were listed for the ‘Diet God’ episode.

1. [+ 621, – 112] Park Shin Hye’s thick boned so she needs to stay on a strict diet. I saw her recently at a Chanel event and it looked like she started gaining back her weight

2. [+ 570, – 171] Eh~~~~even women don’t really like Park Shin Hye’s body. Her secret to her S-line is photoshop

3. [+ 568, – 286] She was the one celebrity that disappointed me in life. She has thick legs, straight waistline and doesn’t even look like a celebrity

Source: news1