Past photos of Mithra Jin’s girlfriend Kwon Da Hyun resurfaces

As news of Mithra Jin’s relationship with Kwon Da Hyun were reported, previous photos and SNS updates from the actress resurfaced online. 

On December 22nd, Mithra Jin revealed his current girlfriend to the public in a certain fashion as they both appeared at the premiere of the film, The Perfect Way To Steal A Dog. As the two cooly pose during the film’s photo wall, the media started reporting that the two were dating. YG Entertainment eventually released the statement confirming Mithra Jin and Kwon Da Hyun’s relationship.

The two were said to have met and developed their relationship through their common acquaintances.

However, as news about their relationship circulated online, netizens have found photos of the actress through her Instagram account, further praising her for goddess-like beauty. Fans further talked about her support for Epik High’s latest album Shoebox as she was seen holding a signed copy of the release.

Kwon Da Hyun, on the other hand, is known for her previous roles in City Hall, When Spring Comes and more.


Source: Segye, SportsSeoul and Money Today