PD apologizes for controversial indecent exposure and shower scene in “Real Men 2”

An official from MBC’s military reality show Real Men 2 released a statement with regards to the recent controversy concerning their cast members being filmed while undressing and taking a shower. 

On the March 15th broadcast of Real Men 2, latest recruits Jung Gyu Woon, Sam Kim, Super Junior’s Kangin, Untouchable’s Sleepy, Boyfriend’s Youngmin, Kwangmin and more joined the military for the program set in the Gangwon Province.

The viewers were given the intention of showing the real process of training as they are tasked to get ready in a certain military fashion which left the cast members exposed in the process. The production team aired the newest recruits undressing with only leaves edited to cover their bodies, while mosaics were added throughout the shower scenes. Flags were raised as viewers expressed their discomfort of the segment through the show’s official homepage and cited that it violated the rights of the men.

Meanwhile, Choi Min Gyun, a PD of the show, apologised in a statement and revealed that they have intended to realistically air military life without the cast members being conscious of the cameras. Stating that they have no other malicious intent with the clip captured, the team decided to edit and censor the scenes, while the original footage has been deleted since then.

The PD further apologised for the discomfort given to their viewers during the scene and will try to be more careful in the up and coming episodes.

Source: MBN and Newsen