Performances for the November 21st episode of KBS Music Bank

Every episode of KBS’s Music Bank is of immense talent, showmanship and downright fun, and the November 21st episode is no exception, especially so with so many highly-anticipated comeback stages!

It was truly the episode of comebacks, starting off with the return of the nation’s fairies Apink, who came back with a more mature and soulful image with their new tracks “Secret” and “LUV.”

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO are enticing as ever, experimenting with a jazzy, theatrical style for their comeback track “Piano Man.”

Comeback season is nothing without a hot boy group, and the boys of HALO are here for the ladies to swoon over with “Now.” With a smooth beat, funk melody, and refreshing aesthetics, the boys-turned-men are looking to gather more and more fans with their charms as promotions continue.

Other performers for the night include Lovelyz, Hello Venus, AOA, Natthew, Kyuhyun, Jooyoung, Hyorin x JooYoung, Topp Dogg, ALi, DGNA (The Boss), and Boys Republic.

Check out the performances below!

Apink – “Secret” + “LUV”

AOA – “Like A Cat”

HALO – “Now”

MAMAMOO – “Piano Man”

Lovelyz – “Candy Jelly Love”

Hello Venus – “Sticky Sticky”

Kyuhyun – “At Gwanghwamun”

Natthew – “Love Will Be OK”

Jooyoung – “All Of You”

Hyorin X JooYoung – “Erase”

Topp Dogg – “Annie”

ALi – “Pung Pung”

DGNA (The Boss) – “Rilla Go”

Boys Republic – “The Real One”