Pharoh and Jessica H.O creates anticipation with teaser for collaboration track “No No No”

Pharoh and hip hop trio Lucky J‘s Jessica H.O are making their own mark on the phrase “No No No” with a new music video teaser!

Mafia Records released the video teaser for Pharoh’s upcoming track “No No No” on their official Youtube page on November 18th, stirring a sense of anticipation among long-awaiting fans.

The video starts off unexpectedly plainly, with a single TV set floating on a white background. However, the point of attention is not on the TV, but what is actually playing on the screen, which happens to be Jessica H.O’s lower face, as she serenades us with her soulful voice. The set suddenly transitions from the simple white background to a cartoon-like depiction of a living room. The TV screen is now on the fire place mantle, with Pharoh’s gentle rapping starting to flow as darkness takes over the set.

Fans have reacted with much excitement and longing, with even the mention of an “old school slow version of Destiny’s Child‘s ‘No No No’ vibe” popping up on the Youtube page. The overall tone of the song is well-presented in the short amount of time provided, and the lengthier feature of Jessica’s vocals prove to be a great asset to the teaser, as it accentuates the effectiveness of the introduction to what is most likely to be a soulful comeback track to remember.

Check out the teaser below!