PIUS reverses time in his video teaser for “Crush On Me”

On March 25th, PIUS has revealed the video teaser for his track “Crush On Me” where he walks the streets of Canada.

R&B singer PIUS dropped a long teaser video for his fifth single, Crush On Me. In the video, the singer reveals his smooth and soothing vocals as he explores Canada.

Throughout the duration of the video, PIUS is seen walking around the street and showing off some dance moves along the way. However, while he is walking forward, everything around him appears to be reversing in time. The singer seems to push himself forward while everyone is moving back.

The words “fall in love with me” and “crush on me” also appear a number of times in the teaser. PIUS’ fifth single album, Crush On Me has been released on March 26th.

Check out the magical music video teaser here: