Police arrest a mother for mailing out her dead infant

The Naju police department has officially requested a warrant of arrest for a mother who mailed out her dead infant in a parcel.

On Thursday afternoon, the body of a dead female baby was delivered to a resident in Naju, horrifying the public. As of June 7th KST, Naju police department updated media outlets that they have formally requested a warrant of arrest for 35-year-old Lee for killing her new-born infant and mailing it to her own mother.

Reportedly, on April 8th, Lee gave birth to her baby daughter without any medical attention at her house in Seoul. She confessed, ““As the baby cried, I blocked her nose and mouth with my hand. I thought my family would take care of her funeral if I mailed the baby home.

After killing her baby, Lee kept the corpse wrapped with a towel for six days in the room. On June 3rd, Lee mailed the dead infant’s body to her own mother with a memo, “On behalf of me, please send this baby to a better place.”

Currently, the police department is undergoing additional investigation surrounding the circumstances of the pregnancy.

Source: Joongang