Popular American Cartoonist Dedicates Sketch To K-Pop Girl-Group AOA

Girl group AOA has become extremely popular not just in South Korea, but all over the world as well. With each hit song, the FNC Entertainment group has been gaining more and more fans, and have even started catching the eyes of foreign celebrities as well. In fact, American cartoonist Rebecca Sugar recently dedicated a sketch to the group in honor of their latest comeback “Good Luck.”

In her Tumblr post, which has been shared over ten thousand times, she explained that she recently made a trip to Seoul, and that she was able to catch AOA perform “Good Luck” while she was there. She also added that she’s been a fan of the group since “Miniskirt.”

Rebecca Sugar worked as a writer and artist for popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, and is the creator for hit series Steven Universe.