POTEN releases MV for comeback track “Go Easy”

After POTEN previously released the teaser for “Go Easy,” the five-member group released the full-length music video for the track on July 3rd.

As scenes from their teaser first appeared, the music video continued as it revealed that the members of POTEN were romantically interested in the same guy. However, as the music video progresses, it is revealed that the members were leading the lead male into thinking that they were romantically interested in him, while they were simply interested in stealing his money, watch, and car.

“Go Easy” is an upbeat track that tells the story of taking small steps when falling in love while the lyrics are, “In my heart go easy, I don’t know my mind.”

POTEN is a five-member group, and recently introduced Yun, Heeo, and Hajeong as new members while TEM and Yoojin left.