POTEN releases two group image teasers for upcoming comeback

The five-member girl group POTEN (previously known as 4TEN) released two group image teasers on June 25th for their upcoming July comeback. 

As the members of POTEN were seen in a matching blue, white, and black patterned themed outfits, they also showcased their bright aura in an additional photo. Unlike the previous photo, the members can be seen in colorful and bright clothing while they were also seen hugging, and showcasing their bright smile.

POTEN is scheduled to release the first teaser for their comeback track on June 26th while their official comeback date will be on July 3rd.

Meanwhile, POTEN recently revealed new members of the group; two original members Hyeji and Hyejin, and three new members Yun, Heeo, and Hajeong, while TEM and Yoojin seem to have left.