PSY announces 6-day “ALL NIGHT STAND 2014” annual concert in Seoul

PSY has announced the date to his upcoming annual concert titled ALL NIGHT STAND 2014, releasing a hilarious “misconception” poster regarding the concert along with it on November 3rd.

With a cartoon rendition of PSY breathing fire out of his mouth as he popped out of the zero of 2014, the concert’s official poster shares need-to-know information. The annual concert will be held at the Olympic Gymnastic Arena in Songpa-gu, Seoul, for six days straight between December 19th and the 24th!

A second poster was released seconds later, answering some “misconceptions” normally associated with the concert, answering questions such as “Does it really last all night?” and “Is this concert classified as rated 19+?”.

The poster hilariously answers, “No, it doesn’t. Due to some complaints that the curtain call performance is stupidly long, we will contain it in a realm of common sense. However, your hyper excited state from the show will last all night” and “Nope, thanks to my appearance, nothing I do looks dirty or naughty. My concert is suited for all ages. However, if you are someone who is turned on by ‘men who sweat while working’, then it would be classified as Rated 19+”.

Tickets for ALL NIGHT STAND 2014 be available for purchase on November 6th at 12pm KST.