[★TRENDING] Rain officially files charges against netizens who spread fake nude photo

With the on-going case of the spread of a fake nude photo, Rain has filed charges against the original leaker, as well as approximately 30 other netizens who helped spread the leak, of the photo.

On a broadcast of MBC’s Section TV which aired on November 16th, a report on Rain’s recent nude photo rumour was mentioned during a segment titled, “Rain Taking Legal Actions.”

Section TV reported that the Gangnam Police Department’s Cyber Investigation Team received the filed charges along with the purpose and claim of the lawsuit, which is Distribution of Falsehood as well as Defamation of Character.

Currently, as revealed on Section TV, the star and his representatives have sued the original leaker and roughly 30 other individuals who have been caught for redistributing the said photo and rumour onto other online communities and platforms.

Rain’s representing attorney, Kim Nam Heung, stated during an interview with Section TV, “On the 13th, through Rain’s agency, we became aware of the vicious rumours that were spreading on the internet and verified that they were all false. We came to the conclusion that the rumours were all ill-natured and filed for Distribution of Falsehood and Defamation of Character.

Attorney Kim Nam Heung continued, “Including the original leaker, an additional 20 to 30 other individuals were charged and sued. If it is revealed that these netizens were intentionally redistributing these false rumours in an attempt to slander Rain, they may be facing up to a maximum of seven years in prison or a fine of 50 million won (approximately $45,442 USD).

Kim Nam Heung also stated, “We plan to take strong legal actions and will decide the severity of punishment after observing the whole situation and lawsuit as it proceeds.

Source: Newsen