Rainbow Hyunyoung Transforms Into a Sexy Golfer for Men’s Health

As summer is drawing near,  people everywhere are beginning to tone their bodies in preparation. K-Pop idols who take utmost care of their appearance are most likely scrutinizing their figure in order to look perfect for their revealing summer outfits.

Among them RAINBOW‘s Hyun Young showed off her body in a recent issue of Men’s Health where she transformed into a sexy golfer with a perfectly toned, sexy body and outfits that reminded readers of a sunny day at the beach.

Check out Hyun Young’s perfectly toned body in the teaser images for her photoshoot

Definitely the sexiest golfer I’ve ever seen

Her fans say she has turned into a goddess after shedding a few pounds

hyunyoung 3
And her beauty is definitely at its peak in this photoshoot

hyungyoung 5
She makes the sport look sexy with ease~

hyungyoung 8
Who wants to play a game of golf with this beautiful young lady?