Rainbow looks dazzling in 2nd batch of concept photos for “Innocent”

Following the first batch of image teasers for their comeback, girl group Rainbow split off into two different groups to portray two different concepts to fans. 

Released on February 12th through various SNS accounts, members Jisook, Yoonhye, Hyunyoung, and No Eul group off for a mature, but innocent look, wearing black outfits trimmed with white. With only a minimal amount of makeup on their faces, the four members give an neutral expression towards the camera.

On the other hand, Jaekyung, Seungah, and Woori give an opposite feel as they pose against a black background, a white light shining on them as they pose for the camera, a wind blowing their hair back for a dramatic feel. Unlike the first half of the group, the trio wear white and silver sequin outfits for a bolder look.

Rainbow will be returning after a year and seven month of hiatus, and is set to release their 3rd mini-album Innocent on February 23rd.