Rainbow teaches viewers point choreography of “Black Swan” on 1theK’s “Let’s Dance”

After receiving a lot of positive feedback regarding their latest comeback, DSP Media girl group Rainbow teamed up with 1theK to teach viewers the point choreography of “Black Swan” on 1theK’s Let’s Dance program. 

The seven group members performing their dance to start with, showing viewers their sexy and mature choreography, and followed up with a group introduction.

Like most Let’s Dance videos, the group then split up into units to explain the different parts of the songs to fans, first introducing the steps in slow-motion before performing the segments in real-time speed. At the beginning of each segment, the members also took time to show viewers their individual charm through silly skits.

After finishing all three parts of the choreography, dubbed the Mirror Mirror DanceHug Me Dance, and Ice Cream Dance, Rainbow put all the steps together to perform “Black Swan” once again. Let’s Dance is definitely a good way for fans who want to learn the choreography of popular songs to see the moves and learn the steps slowly.

Make sure to check out the video below! English, Chinese, and Japanese subtitles are available!