Rainbow’s Go Woo Ri flaunts her aerial yoga skills for “CeCi”

Rainbow‘s Go Woo Ri flaunts her aerial yoga, which is sometimes known as suspended dancing, skills for fashion and lifestyle magazine CeCi.

Just recently, CeCi unveiled Go Woo Ri’s sexy aerial yoga pictorial and hinted on her full-length interview set to feature for the magazine’s March issue.

In the photos, Go Woo Ri’s flawless figure is exhibited through her highly skilled aerial yoga flying positions. As the interview hints, the idol star has a lot of passion for the sport as she registered at a yoga academy near her house to hone her skills.

During the interview, Go Woo Ri said, “The secret to my fitness is that I go to the gym three times a week and attend aerial yoga sessions more than once a week. In particular, aerial yoga relaxes my tense muscles after the gym and dance practice. It also feels like a full body massage since it has a maximum stretching effect.”

Meanwhile, Rainbow released their third mini-album Innocent with the comeback title track “Black Swan.” Go Woo Ri is scheduled to star in upcoming MBC drama series The Queen’s Flower as an only daughter from a wealthy family. The idol star is prepared to showcase her charm through this brown screen debut.

Go Woo Ri for Ceci

Go Woo Ri for Ceci

Source: Newsen