Rainbow’s Seungah accused of plastic surgery after her YouTube video showing off her bikini collection

A simple parade of Oh Seungah’s bikini looks have sparked plastic surgery speculations instead of praise on her personal social networking account. 

On August 12th, Oh Seung Ah revealed her bikini collection through her personal Youtube channel as she shared the outfits she prepared for her recent trip to Phuket, Thailand. In the short video, the singer can be seen introducing herself before revealing her various styles of bikini.

As she explained that many designs and styles of her swimming outfits, Seungah received a number of negative comments about her breast size instead. Netizens speculated that the singer allegedly had plastic surgery done to her chest, while some claimed the the outline of her implants can be seen throughout the clip.

Image: Seungah’s Youtube / TVDaily

Seungah usually shares tips on beauty, travel, exercise and more on her personal Youtube channel every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Source: TVDaily