Rapper IRON performs live version of “blu”

Performing the live version of his debut song “blu,” rapper IRON makes an appearance on the 12th episode of Mnet’s Yaman TV.

Following the release of his music video “blu” with Ivy featuring Babylon, on April 5th Mnet shared a short preview of IRON performing the live version of his debut track through their official YouTube page. His charismatic rapping had everyone nodding along and even left the show’s host HaHa in awe following the end of his rap.

The episode scheduled to air on April 6th showed previous contestants from Show Me the Money and its female spin-off Unpretty Rapstar. For the upcoming broadcast, the theme of the episode was Unfinished Hip-Hop War with the guys versing against the girls.

Prior to his debut, IRON appeared on popular shows such as Show Me the Money 3 and Unpretty Rapstar. IRON finished off Show Me the Money 3 as a runner-up placing in second, and appeared along side with AOA’s Jimin on Unpretty Rapstar for their collaboration tracked titled “Puss.” A day after the release of the song, “Puss” managed to make it up the ranks, and dominated in first on various music charts.

Check out his live charisma here: