Rapper Keith Ape drops “It G Ma” MV ft. JayAllday, Ioota, Okasian, and Kohh

HILITE Record’s Keith Ape teamed up with JayAllday, Ioota, Okasian and Kohh for his lastest music video “It G Ma.”

The music video starts out with Keith Ape on the phone, knocking on a door with a facemask on and a bottle in his other hand. Keith Ape walks inside, starts rapping, and meets up with JayAllday, seen wearing a checkered-print hoodie, rapping at the camera.

The scene changes and Ioota can be seen rapping on a bed wearing a buttoned-up shirt with a watermelon painting on the wall behind him. Keith Ape takes over rapping again, taking off his mask and hat to show off his face and long blonde locks. He then meets up with Okasian, who keeps his face hidden in an oversized fur hooded coat.

Kohh ends the song, rapping Japanese, showing off the versatility of the Underwater Squad. The video ends with Keith Ape smiling at the camera closely showing off the bling in his mouth and turning away from the camera.

Check out the music video below: