Rapper ‘ONE’ of ‘ONEPUNCH’ signs exclusively with YG

On September 21st, ‘ONE’ of ‘ONE PUNCH’ who recently gained popularity on SMTM 4 was revealed to have conducted an exclusive contract with YG.

According to an entertainment personnel, YG kept a close eye on ONE on SMTM and judged that “He is good enough to win. His appearance is better than most idols and his rapping is great as well. He has a lot to work on but he’s a rough diamond. He is starting to train now so there are not dates set for album release yet”

YG bought out his contract with D-Business meaning that he will now fully be YG’s artist.

[+ 4459, – 66] He saw the potential because he’s so damn good looking

[+ 2883, – 58] Heol Deabak

[+ 2659, – 54] Heol Onepunch is breaking up?

Source: Daily Sports