Red Velvet impresses with in-sync performance of “Dumb Dumb” at TWICE the speed

Red Velvet is the next team to take on this challenge on Weekly Idol as they perform one of their hit tracks at TWICE the speed!

Aired on March 16th, Red Velvet wowed the MCs Defconn and K.Will and fans with “Dumb Dumb” danced at twice the original speed, and in-sync to boot! With smiles on their faces and screaming in glee moments here and there, the girl group completed the challenge in full successfully.

Another girl group who also took on that challenge was G-Friend with “Rough” in February.

A non-edited version of this challenge was also made available on Weekly Idol‘s Vimeo account.

[주간아이돌] 레드벨벳 Dumb Dumb(덤덤) 2배속 댄스 풀영상(Official) from sohigh on Vimeo.